AKNIFIN – collection

AKNIFIN – lotion with 47 percent alcohol,
AKNIFIN – lotion with 70 percent alcohol,
AKNIFIN – ointment without oily base,
AKNIFIN – creme with oily base,

PURPOSE: For permanent treatment of acne.

USE: Acne is an inflammation of the skin that can be a light, medium or strong infection on the face, the throat, the neck, the shoulders, the back, with oily or dry skin and in such conditions are the medicines AKNIFIN – THE COLLECTION of the company “STRUMJANI” used, which you don't have to take all at once and are taken separately or combined depending on the condition of the acne on your skin. Acne is a chronic disease and as such it needs a long-term therapy of medical treatment which may last from 20 to 200 days depending on the person and the skin condition, which varies in every person and the results are not the same between individuals.

1. Light inflammation of the skin with acnes which are small on the surface without red circles, without deep stem under the skin. Only AKNIFIN ointment is used which is applied in a thick layer to a degree so that it covers the acne. The ointment is kept in place in this way during the day, between 1 to 5 hours, and will make the small acne disappear after a few hours or a few days, as long as they are not squeezed. If you have dry skin you can perform the same treatment with each of the advertised medicines separately such as AKNIFIN ointment, AKNIFIN lotion with 47 percent alcohol, if you have oily skin then you should treat it only with AKNIFIN ointment in combination with AKNIFIN lotion with 47 percent alcohol. In the morning and in the evening first you use a cotton pad dipped in the liquids and you will collect the fat and the dirt and after that you will apply the ointment.

2. In case of a medium inflammation of the skin with acnes which have red circles and medium-depth stem under the skin which are ”aging-maturing” and create a white spot on the skin or without a white spot, with or without a small swelling. AKNIFIN ointment is used in combination with AKNIFIN lotion with 47 percent alcohol. In the morning a small piece of cotton is moisturized with the liquid and is applied on the face and everywhere where you have skin to be treated skin, in order to collect the fat and the dirt and that cotton pad is being thrown away, after that is a second cotton pad moisturized and with it the red and mature acnes are soaked a little and the cotton pad is being thrown away. Immediately after that the ointment is applied where there are red acnes with a thick layer to a degree to cover the red and mature spots. In that manner, the ointment is kept on the skin which we treat during the day from 1 to 10 hours or as much as you have time and possibility. In the evening you will collect or wipe off the ointment with napkins or will wash it off with shampoos and soaps for face and skin care which are not acidous or are neutral in order to not irritate or erode the skin. After that some of the used liquids will be applied on the treated skin with the same treatment as in the morning, uisng one or two cotton pads. Pay attention not to apply extreme amounts of the lotions and the ointment which can also create light inflammations of the skin. Those light inflammations are not dangerous but are manifested by light or fire redness of the skin, in such case you should stop to use the lotions. On those places of the skin you will apply a thick layer of ointment as long as the skin calms and after that you will continue with the lotion. It is recommended to additionally know that the skin on the face in comparison with the other parts of the body is much gentler and more sensitive and can be easily irritated and infected. All those acnes which you will start to treat or cure will disappear in a few hours or days, but other ones will continue to appear since the skin is not calm on a deeper level and you will need to continue with the treatment. If no new acnes appears immediately on your face or the ones that appear are smaller than usual, then this means that through the treatment of the medicines the process of inflammation and maturing of the acnes decreases and stops. When the acnes will disappear from the affected and treated places you will continue with the same treatment by applying a thick layer and you will make a mask on the face with the ointment from 1 to 10 hours until complete calming of the inflammation of the skin occurs on a deeper level after which you can stop the treatment altogether.

3. In the case of a strong inflammation and infection of the skin with acnes which have big red circles and are hard when touched, with a deep stem and when maturing they have a larger white spot, acnes which can be on the face, the neck, the back, throat, chest and other parts of the body. In this case AKNIFIN lotion with 70 degrees alcohol is used and the AKNIFIN ointment. In the morning one cotton pad is moistened using AKNIFIN lotion which has 70 degrees alcohol and is applied on the treated place in order to collect the fat and the dirt and after that it is being thrown away. After that with another cotton pad only the red circles and festered acne is moistened and soaked a little, but shortly, in order to not stress the skin and increase the risk for infection. After that a thick layer of the ointment is applied on those places, in order to cover the red circles or the mature acnes and so the ointment is kept from 1 to 10 hours. In this case when we have a infection and big red, hard and acne under the skin on the face one has to be careful with the lotion in order to not cause inflammation by itself because it is very strong and the skin on the face is very sensitive and is not like the skin on other places of the body. When you perform the treatment on the face, mildly moisten the acnes with a cotton pad with AKNIFIN lotion with 70 degrees alcohol and after that you will apply the ointment in a thick layer so that the acnes are not visible and keep the ointment during the day as many hours as you can, the more the better. The same treatment can be performed also in the evening by sleeping with the lotion and the ointment which you can leave on during the night and in the morning you can wash it off. If the treated skin blushes or turns red, do not repeat the treatment in the morning or take a break, in order to let the skin calm down and then resume the usage. If the skin is not redish in the morning, leave the skin to rest and relax for 2–3 hours and make a new treatment throughout the day. When the infection of the acne is reduced or has disappeared or has calmed down visibly, you can replace the lotion with 70 percent intensity with the one with 47 alcohol.

NOTE: Your problem with the acnes with which there are processes of inflammation on the skin is not cosmetic and should be treated medically, not with cosmetic products but with medicines. The company “STRUMJANI” offers you efficient naturally based medicines. When you use the natural medicines from the company “STRUMJANI” of the AKNIFIN collection no other cosmetic products should be used which may irritate or stress the skin. It is recommended to know that for calming the processes of inflammation of the acnes on the skin also many physical and mental factors may influence the progress, such as for example the inside hormonal maturing and changing to puberty age, the puberty inner sexual extreme and constant excitement and anxiety, nervousness, stress, depression, incorrect nutrition and regime of living, incorrect hygiene, the menstrual cycle of the girls, the inside charge of negative but also of positive energy in the adolescence which is not spent or released cyclically within the 24 hour biorythm. Do not squeeze the acnes regardless of the stage they are in, because by squeezing out inside them and around them festered dirty blood is being collected which is a base for creation of other acne. And when the acnes have a stem under the skin when they are squeezed the skin is perforated, the open hole or cavity which is up to the middle or all over the skin, is collecting infected blood and so it remains several days and cannot close the skin, thereby creating holes which remain on the skin as traces, with the exception of skins in which that problem never appears.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Pollen allergics should not use the ointment, the cream, the oil or the alcohol-free lotion.

Store the products at room temperature.

The date of production and best before date are stated on the packaging of the lotion.

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