DERMASAN ointment

INGREDIENTS: Wax, ST. John's wort oil, extract of yellow flower of st.John's wort (hypericum perforatum), propolis – natural antibiotic. Natural therapy, ungventum, fitofarmaka.

PURPOSE: For treatment of burns of all degrees, infections, frostbite, skin imflammations and diseases, allergies, herpes, external hemmorrhoids, acne, masil, eczema, rashes with intensive itching, imflammations of chemicals and construction materials, insect bites, fungus, for dry skin on the face, hands and heels, for sunbathing and complete protection from the sun. Infections of wounds, of the womb after giving birth, at operations, post-operational healing of wounds. The ointment relaxes the skin and it does not allow it to strain, narrow, cramp and dry at burns, infections, chiliblains after operations and will not leave any traces/marks on the skin after the treatment.

EFFECT: antidermathitis, antiedemic, antiegsem, anti-inflammatory, antibacteria, antiseptic, antiflammatory, antipruriginous, antiallergic, analgetic, antimicotic, antiflogistic, vulnerary, antiflammatory, anti- impetigo, antiinsolation, anticombustion, anticongelation, antisuppuratin, anittorrefaction, antitrauma, antifuruncle, antifistula. Renewes, softens and relaxes the skin.


BURNS: in case of burns of all degrees and when the skin peels off after the first time the ointment is applied, it is done in this manner. Medical sterilized gauze, towel, cotton with surface the same size as the burn is covered with a medium thick layer and is carefully applied at the treated location without applying bandage over it and should not be moved, dragged or pressed over the wound in order to avoid an increase of the pain. The ointment should not be applied using fingers or any other aid directly on the wounds, as every contact irritates the skin further and causes more pain. At the beginning, with the penetration of the ointment in the wounds it disinfects and cools them, after which it might cause some pain which will last 1-2 hours, and afterwards it will gradually ease and stop the pain. Initially the ointment disinfects and forms a protective layer of the treated location, and quickly eases and stops the pain. Some pain might be felt during movement, contact with clothes and linnen, irritation if touched, cools off/draws temperature out quickly and it won't occur locally. Also, bandages or clothes should not be put over the wound at night, it should not be covered, with the exception of medical gauze or cotton which you can place over it. When the new skin appears, light bandages can be placed over it only in the evening, and during the day according to the need to protect the place if you are active, in constant movement or at work. When more days have passed since the injury before starting the usage of this oitnment, it does not treat burns, yet infections and irritations of the skin and the body. In the case of more severe burns medical supervision is necessary, because of the possibility of increased body temperature which needs to be regulated. Gauzes, towels, cotton pads with ointment should be changed every 5–6 hours, and the previous ointment which stays over the treated location should not be removed, instead when the wound calms and allows touch, that can be done using a clean cloth or a napkin. For 5 to 10 days the ointment stimulates quick creation of new tissue, flesh and skin at the damaged and treated location of the body. In the case of sun burns, spread a thick layer and the ointment quickly extracts the temperature, calms redness, relaxes and releases the gathered skin and calms the pain.

I EFFECTIONS: In the case of infection of wounds, spread a thick layer to the degree where the wound is entirely covered and not visible. If there is pain, spread a thick layer of the ointment over a cotton pad or sterile gauze, towel and place it upon the wound. The ointment should not be smeared directly over the wound as it increases the pain and irritates it more. In case of operations of all sorts, a layer of medium thickness is applied after the operation. This quickly releaves pain if it occurs, disinfects and prevents further infections. Calms the tension and inflammation of the tissue and the skin. In the case of infection of the womb after giving birth, it easily heals with the ointment.

INFLAMMATIONS: in the case of light and middle skin imflammations a medium thick layer of the ointment is spread over the skin until it heals completely. At night, place cotton pads or bandages over the area. In the case of new and old open wounds on the skin and the body spread a thick layer over the wound, covering it completely. If pain occurs, spread ointment on a cotton pad or sterilized gauze, towel and place it on the wound. Change it every 5–6 hours and maintain constant coverage by the ointment on them for 24 hours until it heals completely. If the wounds are deeper or covers more skin and the body take, appropriate medicine against infection and for faster healing. In the case of herpes, when it starts occuring and appears on the surface of the skin, following the known symptoms immediately spread a thick layer of the ointment over the area, and it will stop the process. When the herpes appears on the skin apply the ointment in a thick layer to the degree when it is completely covered. Or put a thick layer of the ointment on a cotton pad or sterilized gauze, towel and put it over the sore area. Never squeeze or tinker with the herpes regardless of the phase of occurrence and healing it is in. When you have acne, if infected, they have blemished skin around them, are firm at touch and are subcutaneous, put a thick layer of the ointment over them to completely cover the area, and keep the ointment on them for 1 to 10 hours per day. The acne should not be squeezed, especially not the subcutaneous ones, because perforation of the skin occurs, with opening of wounds which do not heal for a long time, and depending on the skin, leaves small dents and deformes the skin. In the case of a lighter inflammation of the skin from acne, when they do not have blemishes or are small and superficial, spread a thinner layer of the ointment over them and keep it on for 3-5 hours per day. The acnes should not be squeezed regardless of the stage of maturing they are in, because with every squeeze blood is drawn underneath the acne and can cause more acne to appear. When acne and blemishes of the skin are healed, a layer of the ointment is spread over the whole area of the face or the body, and treated this way 1-5 hours per day within the period of 1-3 months or more depending on the skin. In this way the skin can heal from the inside and it will prevent further appearance of acne. When the trated skin is oily and there is dirt on it, it should be washed with non-active soaps or shampoos and before and after usage the skin is to be cleaned. Acne occurence is influenced by other important factors that should be considered or eliminated, such as spicy food or food containing saturated fats, stress, mental tension, puberty, irregular menstrual cycles, hygene etc. The company has a special collection for permanent treatment of acne called AKNIFIN which contains syrup, lotion, tonic lotion, tonic, creme, ointment, oil. In the case of insect bites immediately spread a thick layer of the ointment over the area, which neutralizes the area right away and will prevent swelling, inflammation and itching. If these symptoms have already occured, treat the area the same way and the ointment will quickly neutralize it. In the case of lighter skin rashes with external allergic reactions, with red spots/blemishes and itching or without. All those consequences of allergies will quickly be eliminated by the ointment with a thin layer, and in the case of wounds, cracks and pimples, put a thick layer over them to completely cover the area. In the case of skin inflammations and irritation of the skin from construction materials like lime, bricks, cement, internal powder and other materials which cause open wounds, spread a thick layer to completely cover the area. If red spots or blemishes occur spread a thin layer of the ointment until they completely heal. In the case of skin imflammations with open wounds, redness or peeled skin of chemicals like detergents, powders, acids, oil derivatives, as well as well as from military chemicals, spread a thick layer of the ointment to completely cover the area, and a thin layer of it when red spots or dried skin appears, until they completely heal. In the cold season, new or old wounds exposed to lower temperatures are infected by the low temperatures or heal much slower. The process can be speeded up and successfully finished by using the ointment spread on cotton pads and with appropriate bandage over them. During healing of fistula on the skin which is a deeper open canal of overflowing mucus or matter which occurs in the case of deep wounds which heal slowly, or in the case of surgery when there has been a longer lasting inflammation process. To spread a thick layer of the ointment on cotton pads and place them over the fistula during the daytime. In the evening or before going to bed, put a fresh cabbage leaf on the opening of the fistula which will pull out. Keep on with the therapy until the area heals completely.

Skin DISEASES: in the case of psoriasis the ointment relaxes, releases and softens the infected skin, stops the core, the bleeding and closes the opened cracks but does not entirely heal the psoriasis. In the case of eczema, spread a medium thick layer repeatedly until it heals completely. In the case of large cracks on the skin on the heels spread a thick layer to fill the crack and to cover the surface of the sore location until it heals completely.

Skin ALLERGIES: in the case of skin rashes, with or without opened wound and inflammations of the skin, spread a thicker layer on the wounds and thinner on the red places. The ointment heals the consequences of the allergies as skin irritation with wounds and inflammations with red spots, itching, but not the allergy itself.

Skin FUNGUS: In the case of a combination of the skin and light inflammations of the genitals, between the toes and the feet, babies' skin irritated by urine or synthetic materials, spread a thin layer of the ointment until it heals completely. In the case of skin fungus on the face, the neck, hands, the stomach, the back, the genitals or between the toes, which are manifested by the appearance of spots with red, brown, black or white colour, with itching or without, with peeling of the skin or without, with bleeding cracks of the sking, appearance of small pimples that itch and don't bleed, put ointment on them all the time. In the combination of toes that lead to peeling of bigger pieces of infected skin with continuous itching, put ointment on them all the time. In the case of fungal infections which are characterized only with the appearance of small or larger dry spots with white, red, brown or black colour deeply in the pores of the skin, with the ointment they can be destroyed on the surface, but can not be extracted out of the pores of the skin, and for this purpose the FLAMOLIN lotion is used. In the case of fungal infection of the genitals if it comes to increased redness during usage of ointment and stronger itching, it should be known that in such cases the fungus feeds from the ointment and is activated more and as above the ointment FLAMOLIN lotion should be used or only the lotion without the ointment if it continues to create the same effect. It is advisable to know that the fungus procreates on base of warmth and moisture, thereby during the healing it is necessary to maintain the sore area as dry as possible, to not wash it very often and to avoid multiplying the fungus. During the healing of the fungal infections to change underwear and bed linens more often, and boil them in hot water using detergents.

Care for THE SKIN: in case of dry and peeling skin on the face, lips, hands, heels and the body of babies, children and adults, put ointment as daily and nightly creme for care of the skin.

Protection against the SUN: For complete and total protection from the sun during sunbathing, travelling, hiking, work, playing of children in the sun, for all ages spread a thin layer until a shining effect is achieved everywhere where you want to protect the skin. Your children like to play naked in the sun, but the sun is a serious enemy to the delicate skin of a child. You can completely protect them by covering their whole body with the ointment and they can freely play in the sun, and pay attention not to wipe off the ointment by touching other persons, objects, clothing, the bed or wash it off in the case of bathing. Will make the skin redish exposed the strong radiation of to the sun, and that effect should not bother you because after a short stay in the shadow the redness will disappear. When unprotected persons already have received sun burns spread a thick layer of the ointment for 2 to 4 hours, it first draws out the temperature, relaxes and releases the affected skin, calms the ache, takes down the redness.

Preventive PROTECTION: after each operation, childbirth, for new and old wounds, cover it with the ointment and this will prevent infection and inflammation. Persons who work and are in constant touch with detergents, chemicals, derivatives, construction materials, after finishing the work it is advisable to wash up and dry the hands or the parts of the body which were exposed and to cover them with the ointment, so it won't come to more inflammations and opening of wounds, itching. Because of preventive protection of the delicate skin of babies and children from inflammations and irritation from urine, synthetic clothing and linen and outside materials, spread a thin layer on the risky places of the skin. Purchase and have it as a preventive ointment in your home, at work, during travelling, for protection from the sun, because you do not know when you might need it.

NOTE: Do not to use the ointment DERMASAN together with other ointments or fluids for rinsing of the wounds, the ointment should be used separately. If you have previously used any other ointment, if the wound allow it and there is no pain at contact, clean it carefully with clean napkins/cloth and apply the DERMASAN ointment. In the case of high temperature and skin infections it is allowed to take other appropriate antibiotics or other medicine at the same time. In the case of burns of all degrees, when they heal and new skin appears, do not stop with the usage of the ointment until the moment when the new skin gets the same color as the rest of the skin, because if you leave the new skin to dry off it will burn or tightening will arise, narrowing the skin and leave marks. Threby continue to spread ointment on the new red skin until reaching the same color as the other skin. In the case of burns and operations of the skin it strains, collects, cramps, dries and deforms and if it heals that way on its own it might leave marks and traces. With usage of the ointment the skin is being relaxed, maintained constantly, released and no marks will be left. During the healing of the wounds after operations with the presence of post- operative stitches on the skin in the post-operative period of healing the usage of the ointment shpuldn't be stopped during treatment of the wounds untill the new skin appears and reaches the same color as the other skin, in this way it will not leave any marks, or let the stitches scar the skin. The ointment is cleaned easily with napkins/cloths and easily washed off with shampoo and soaps for the body. Keep the clothes and bed linen from the ointment, because it staines. The date of production, and the bset before date is stated on the package of the ointment. To be stored at room temperature.

SIDE EFFECT: Pollen allergics should not use the ointment.

Бронхитис, Бронхијална астма
Воспалени крајници, кашлица
Желудник, гастритис, чир
Киселини, кила, хернија
Хелико бактер пилори
Запек, тврда столица
Хемороиди, колитиси
Бактериски инфекции на мочните канали
Кожни заболувања
Изгоретини, инфекции, рани
Акни, мозолки
Габични инфекции на ноктите
Габична инфекција на кожата
Дамки бели, црни, кафени
Габици на прстите на нозете
Околу гениталиите
Канцер, мелиген, бениген
Гингивитис, парадентоза
Воспаление на очите
Воспаление на ушите
Внатрешни бактериски инфекции