PURPOSE: For treatment of fungal nail infections on both hands and feet.

USE: infected areas are covered with an oil compress, one in the morning, and one in the evening that will be on the area during the night. Soak a small piece of cotton or a piece as big as the nail and put it on it. Take a tape 4 cm wide, cut two pieces of about 20-30 cm long. One of the pieces with a small compression wrap it in one direction, and the other piece in the opposite direction. To form a plaster around the finger/toe, but the front part to be covered as well, so that the oil will not flow out and will remain on the nail. Do not place cotton bandage because it will absorb the oil and in that way the effect will be lost. When the plaster is removed, the nail will be softer, with nail clippers cut the nail occasionally so that with the next oil plasters, the oil will enter the nails deeper and it will destroy the fungus. With regular cutting of the nails, they will start forming again and gradually they will renew, with normal shape and they will start losing the changed colour. Continue using the oil for some time even when the nail is in good condition in order for the oil to completely kill the fungus, because if it stays a tiny bit of it, the fungus will start spreading again causing the same problem.

COMPOSITION: Mecerat of herbs in oil, White yarrow – achiliea miliefolium, Yellow yarrow – achiliea clypeolata, wort – hipericum perforatum, calendula fficinalis.

ACTION: therapy fitofarmakozna for nail infections, bacteristatik, desinfection, drastica, antiseptic, bactericide, purification.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Pollen allergics are not to use the drops.

The production date and the best before use date is mentioned on the packaging of the cough medicine. To be stored at room temperature to +10o C.

NOTICE: To be stored at room temperature. The date of production and best before date are stated in directions for use.

Бронхитис, Бронхијална астма
Воспалени крајници, кашлица
Желудник, гастритис, чир
Киселини, кила, хернија
Хелико бактер пилори
Запек, тврда столица
Хемороиди, колитиси
Бактериски инфекции на мочните канали
Кожни заболувања
Изгоретини, инфекции, рани
Акни, мозолки
Габични инфекции на ноктите
Габична инфекција на кожата
Дамки бели, црни, кафени
Габици на прстите на нозете
Околу гениталиите
Канцер, мелиген, бениген
Гингивитис, парадентоза
Воспаление на очите
Воспаление на ушите
Внатрешни бактериски инфекции