NAZALIN ointment

INGREDIENTS: vaseline, propolis, cantarion (yellow plant) oil, salicylic acid.

PURPOSE: for permanent treatment and calming down of sinuses and Rhinitis

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: the ointment Nazalin is used externally and internally for healing of sinuses and Rhinitis. The external use is practised when there is a light, middle or strong infection of the sinuses, and the ointment is to be used when there is an ache in the forehead, the temples, around the nose, and, as follows from the initial healing in the first days, until calming of the pain, when it is stopped with external treatment and it will continue only on the inside. The internal use of the ointment in the nasal and sinus gaps is being performed with the assistance of cotton tampons. With one side of the cotton bud, it will be smeared with ointment and it shall be put deep inside the nose holes, up to the curve, twist the tampon in order to coat the mucous membrane which gradually pulls the ointment deeper. The ointment should not be placed in a thin layer, but does also not need to be placed in rich quantities, in order to not close the respiration paths, so you alone can estimate what is the right dose, using the cotton tampons. The ointment is always being placed with respect to the usage of the drops and as follows in the morning and in the evening. In the winter period, when it is very cold and there are lower temperatures it is necessary with preventive use of the ointment before going outside for protection from the cold and viruses and bacteriae. Preventive usage of the ointment or use at any time before going outside or for protection from the cold and viruses, when it is very cold is required, because there is a high difference in the temerature of the air which you breathe at home or at the working space compared to the outside and this high temperature difference irritates the sinus mucous membrane. The ointment has a local effect, with the function first to thin out in order to induce an outflow of the sinus secretion. To calm the inflammation of the nose and the sinus calms the pain. To open the respiration paths for easier breathing and sleeping. It is recommended to know also that infected sinuses will not show the same symptoms in all persons. That is why also the results will not be the same in the case of all persons. When it comes to outflow of the secretions, the ache will stop and the breathing will be relieved, don't practice with therapy, because the sinus mucous membrane is calm, but need to recover, for which 20 to 100 days of regular use is required and after that you will not have problems with the sinuses, it comes to an entire and permanent healing. You may use the ointment Nazalin also externally for massaging and heating of sick places on the forehead, the temples and around the nose, massaging, heating and calming of infections of the tonsils, throat, chest, of the joints and all places of the body where there is a muscle or bone ache.

NOTE: Copy these directions for use on paper so that you can have it in front of you at all times. The date of production and the best before date of the Nazalin ointment is written on the package. To be stored at room temperature.

COUNTERINDICATIONS: in the case of pollen allergy, please do not use the ointment Nazalin. The eyes shall be carefully protected from the ointment. Order quantity: order 50 g of ointment for a therapy for 100 days. In the case of a therapy for several persons or for continuous external massaging with the ointment, order a package of 240g.

Бронхитис, Бронхијална астма
Воспалени крајници, кашлица
Желудник, гастритис, чир
Киселини, кила, хернија
Хелико бактер пилори
Запек, тврда столица
Хемороиди, колитиси
Бактериски инфекции на мочните канали
Кожни заболувања
Изгоретини, инфекции, рани
Акни, мозолки
Габични инфекции на ноктите
Габична инфекција на кожата
Дамки бели, црни, кафени
Габици на прстите на нозете
Околу гениталиите
Канцер, мелиген, бениген
Гингивитис, парадентоза
Воспаление на очите
Воспаление на ушите
Внатрешни бактериски инфекции