PURPOSE: Treating cancer (malignant, benign, tumors).

COMPOSITION: homemade natural wine, homemade natural brandy, aloe vera - aloe vera, white yarrow - achiliea miliefolium, yellow yarrow - achiliea clypeolata, white mistletoe - viscum album, St. John's wort- hipericum perforatum, nettle - urtica dioica, dandelion - taraxacum officinale, pheasant's eye - adonis vernalis, dogwood - cornus mas, plantain - plantago major, nettle - ultrica dioica, chamomile - matricaria chamomilla, hazelnut - crylus avellana, thyme - thimus diversae, mint - mentha piperita, marigold- calendula officinalis, nut - juglans regia, wormwood - artemisia absinthium, thistle - arctium lappa, horseradish - armoracia rusticana, marjoram - origanum vulgare, rose - althaea officinalis, orchis - orchis masculus, chicory - cichorium intybus, horsetail - equisetum arvense, common centaury - centaurium erythrae

USE: Adults 3x2 tablespoons before meal. Children over 5 years 3x1 tablespoon before meal. Children from 2 to 5 years 3x1 small teaspoon of syrup diluted with a small teaspoon of water. The syrup should be drink regularly over a period of four to six months. 6. Before each use the syrup should be mixed well.

ACTION: anticancer, anti malignant, anti benign, antitumor, analgesic, antiemetic, asthenia, bacteriostat, bactericides, drastika, anti-edema, resistance, anti spazam, antihemorrhagic, hemostasis.

DIET: During the treatment and after the treatment any kind of meat and meat products should not be used in the diet, and also all kinds of fatty foods. It is recommended to consume fresh vegetable salads, variety of fruits, berries, etc. As dietary supplement vitamins D, D3, K, B17, B3, C, A, E to be used, purchased from a pharmacy, supermarket or health food stores. It is recommended to drink a small spoonful of purified sodium bicarbonate in the morning and in the evening, purchased from pharmacies or health food stores. The sodium bicarbonate should be drunk within period of 10 days, followed by a period of 10 days pause, and then to continue again with the same pace until the duration of the treatment. It is advisable to drink 1 to 2 liters of fresh goat milk daily. To boost appetite and immunity also use syrups Tusafin or Impulon, produced by the same company for natural remedies. To strengthen the body you should drink lime water and black cumin oil.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: People allergic to pollen must not use the syrup as a remedy.

ADVICE: The patient should stimulate positive internal energy and mood, and try not to fall into depression and disappointment. The people in his/her environment should help the patient by encouraging the desire and hope for a happy life. For those who have already been exposed to surgical intervention it is recommended to drink syrup, because it will help to purify the body and prevent relapse or appearance of cancer. If the patient does not have appetite, consequently he/she will start to lose weight and will not be able to recover from the disease. It is therefore necessary to stimulate the appetite for food.

STORAGE: The medicine should be stored at room temperature to + 15 ° C.

ORDER: An order 1 l for about 15 days, 2 l for about 30 days.

Бронхитис, Бронхијална астма
Воспалени крајници, кашлица
Желудник, гастритис, чир
Киселини, кила, хернија
Хелико бактер пилори
Запек, тврда столица
Хемороиди, колитиси
Бактериски инфекции на мочните канали
Кожни заболувања
Изгоретини, инфекции, рани
Акни, мозолки
Габични инфекции на ноктите
Габична инфекција на кожата
Дамки бели, црни, кафени
Габици на прстите на нозете
Околу гениталиите
Канцер, мелиген, бениген
Гингивитис, парадентоза
Воспаление на очите
Воспаление на ушите
Внатрешни бактериски инфекции