ANTIDOLOR wax plate

INGREDIENTS: wax, propolis with a complex of herbal extracts.

DIMENSIONS: 10Х100Х200 mm.

PURPOSE: For treatment of inflammation of the lungs, on the lungs and chronic bronchially obstruction, bronchitis, bronchitis-pneumonia, bronchial asthma, migraine, spondilosis-pain in the back. Inflammation and pain in the ovaries. Arthrosis – pain in the joints, the hips, the knees, the ankles, the shoulder, the neck, the chest, ribs, the spine, the lumbus, Mialgia – pain in the muscles from fatigue, traumas of hard blows or punches in the ribs and the muscles near to the heart, pains before the menstrual cycle. The plate radiates deep warmth, quickly calms inflammation processes and enhances local blood circulation.

EFFECT: therapy, analgesic, anti-asthmatic, asphyxia, anti-bronchial, anti - bronchopneumonia, Anti-gicht, antidyspnea, PECTORAL, ANTIPERTUSIS, anti - plevritis, anti-pneumonia, anti-poagra, anti-polyarthritis.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Unwrap the plate from the packing and for better effect before each usage heat it with hot air electrical power with a heater, fan, put it on the naked skin, fix and place it on the healing location. Cover it with a thick wool fabric, in order for it to keep its temperature and press it towards the body using the fingers or wrap it in order to have an effect, and do not allow a gap between the plate and the body, because then it will not have its proper effect. The treated area should be completely relaxed without tensions or movement of the muscles, so therefore do always apply the plate in the evening before sleeping. In case of a severe inflammation of the lungs with snoring, pains, suffocation, difficulties to breathe, and coughs, the plate should be used without interruption day and night, and, when the inflammation calms, you may continue with the usage day and night or only in the evening during the sleeping time, until a complete healing or cure of the chronic obstruction has been reached. In harder cases, when there is a very strong, severe inflammation of the lungs with secretion which is transformed into purulent abscesses with strong pains and contractions in the chest, the plate needs to be heated every 20 minutes with a temperature higher than the body temperature and to be pressed on the chest and covered with a thick wooden cover in order to retain the temperature, this will start a very important process of calming of the inflammation and the needed local speedy circulation of the blood which will induce the healing. For dispersal and cure of chronic bronchitis filibuster usage for at least 40 days and nights is necessary, even more in the case of elderly persons, or if the symptoms disappear within the first 10 days of treatment, the treatment is still not finished, please continue with the usage. For the treatment of bronchitis together with the plate and the syrups for drinking, also other products from our company shall be used. In the case of persons with difficulties to breathe and those who use inhalators, they will be released from the inhalators and the difficulties to breathe if they do not have an allergy. During inflammation of the lungs with strong contractions, the pain in front of the chest is a frontal cold, the plate needs to be heated every 20 minutes for 1 to 2 hours and to be placed on the chest, and then kept there during the sleep. In the case of pains of inflammation of the kidneys and the ovaries the plate should be placed in the lower part of the back in line with the place where it aches. When pains occur before the menstrual cycle the plate should be placed under the stomach at the place of the aches. At places where it is harder to fit the plate and make it stay, you may tie the plate and tighten it using a bandage or string, belt or something else in order for it not to move around. You should be disciplined in the treatment of chronic diseases of the lungs, the pains in the muscles and the bones for which a longer period is required, and this will last with regular use from 20 up to 100 days, in dependence of the case, the type of the disease and the age of the individual patient. Much better effect of the treatment is achieved when the plate is fixed on the sore location and onto it is put a middle thick towel or piece of clothing, then you sit, lie down, or press the body with the towel and the plate under it onto hot metallic surfaces of central heating thermo furnace or heater, which are radiating warmth intensively, much higher than the temperature of the body heat and higher than the plate which radiates, as well, stronger towards the body and the sore location. The plate should not be warmer than the temperature of the body when the pain is from inflamed nerves like lumbago, sciatic and similar cases, because a counter-effect may occur through agitation of the nerves due to the heat, instead let the desired healing effect occur over a longer time period. Depending on your need, if the plate are to be placed on the knees or other smaller areas, or be used by small children or babies, then you can divide it into 2, 3 or more parts, using a sharp knife, and then use them in the above stated manner. If the plate breaks or falls apart during the usage, or it loses its shape, then please do not throw it away, since the deformation does not make it lose its effect. Instead form the pieces using a knife and then continue to use them. At the treatment of inflammatory processes of the respiratory passages, for a faster and larger effect of treatment, you may at the same time use also any of the syrups for this purpose, such as IMPULON, PURADON, TUSARON. In the case of treatment of sinus pains, while putting the plate on the forehead, at the same time you can also use Nazalin drops, the ointment and the oil for healing of the sinuses. The advantage of the wax plate for treatment of the above mentioned diseases is that it is for external use, compared to other treatments which are being used internally. The wax plate is for repeated usage with a different purpose and it may be used by families for children and adults in the above mentioned cases of treatment. After each use also in hot and soft condition put the plate on a flat surface, press and put it straight and store it clean and wrapped in room temperature. Counterindications: pollen allergics should not use the wax plate.

NOTE: the plate should not be twisted in cold conditions, because it may easily break!!! Be careful if the treated person has a high temperature. In this case, please withdraw the plate for a short time in order for it to cool down, after which you can start to use it again. For lowering of the temperature put a wet towel with cold water on the forehead. If the person who is treated starts to sweat should the person be left to sweat completely, then change clothes and then again apply the plate. The plate shall not be placed on objects with a high temperature such as central heating, stoves, thermo furnace or other very hot surfaces which quickly would melt or deform the plate. During the usage of the wax plate, the occurrence of a light inflammation of the skin with redness, scratch and tiny rashes may occur. Do not worry about this, and instead use the ointment DERMASAN, the lotion FLAMOLIN or any ointment for the skin and continue with the usage of the plate.

NOTICE: To be stored at room temperature. The date of production and best before date are stated in directions for use.


Бронхитис, Бронхијална астма
Воспалени крајници, кашлица
Желудник, гастритис, чир
Киселини, кила, хернија
Хелико бактер пилори
Запек, тврда столица
Хемороиди, колитиси
Бактериски инфекции на мочните канали
Кожни заболувања
Изгоретини, инфекции, рани
Акни, мозолки
Габични инфекции на ноктите
Габична инфекција на кожата
Дамки бели, црни, кафени
Габици на прстите на нозете
Околу гениталиите
Канцер, мелиген, бениген
Гингивитис, парадентоза
Воспаление на очите
Воспаление на ушите
Внатрешни бактериски инфекции